I’m covered under my parent’s policy but I’m moving to another state. Can I remain covered as a dependent?

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Yes, you are eligible to be covered as a dependent up to age 26 regardless of where you actually live. However, your parent’s health plan probably has a network of participating providers and it may be difficult for you to find in-network care when you are living in another state. If you find that your parent’s plan doesn’t cover health providers in the state where you live, you can also explore the option of signing up for coverage on your own. Moving will qualify you for a special enrollment period to enroll in other coverage, but you will have to provide proof that you were enrolled in coverage before your move. Check the Marketplace website in your state
for more information about qualified health plan options and your eligibility for premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions. (45 C.F.R. 147.120).

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