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#OpenEnrollment is here! Answer all your lingering questions with the @GtownCHIR Navigator Guide! tweet button.jpg#asset:624

Got health insurance questions? We’ve got answers! Visit the @GtownCHIR Navigator Guide for hundreds of #OpenEnrollment FAQs: tweet button.jpg#asset:624

Everyone has questions when shopping for health insurance. @GtownCHIR has answers: tweet button.jpg#asset:624

Are you ready to enroll? Be prepared for this year’s #OpenEnrollment with the @GtownCHIR Navigator Guide: tweet button.jpg#asset:624

#OpenEnrollment lasts from Nov. 1 – Jan. 15 in most states! Learn what you need to know with @GtownCHIR's Navigator Guide. tweet button.jpg#asset:624

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Individuals with no coverage? ✅

Individuals with coverage? ✅

Coverage for small employers? ✅

Post enrollment issues? ✅

@GtownCHIR has you covered: tweet button.jpg#asset:624


Open Enrollment is from November 1 to January 15 in most states. Check out Georgetown’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms’ Navigator Guide for answers to over 300 questions about enrolling in health insurance:


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Individuals with no coverage
Individuals with coverage
Coverage for small employers
Post enrollment issues