Even with subsidies, I cannot afford plans that are available on, but I have heard there are other options available. What are they?

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If the premium tax credits you are currently eligible for are not enough to make coverage on affordable for you, it might still be worth looking for coverage on if you expect your income to fluctuate because you might become eligible for higher premium tax credits mid-year.

There may be other coverage options available outside of the Marketplace that do not provide the Affordable Care Act’s protections. These include plans that are not traditional health insurance products, including short-term, limited duration insurance; association health plans; health care sharing ministries; and farm bureau plans. If an insurer or entity cannot provide a Summary of Benefits and Coverage that indicates coverage is minimum essential coverage, be aware that the plan may have significant coverage limitations, particularly for pre-existing health conditions and even for basic medical care. Always insist on getting plan documents to review prior to buying a plan.

Individuals with no coverage
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