How can I sort through dozens of insurance plans to find the best value plan?

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Depending on where you live, you may be able to shop for and compare health plans that have the same deductible and cost-sharing for major services, enabling you to more easily assess other plan features, such as premium, provider network, or drug formulary. These plans, known as “easy pricing plans” or “standardized plans,” are available on and some state-based Marketplaces. After entering your zip code on, you can view and compare easy pricing plans by selecting “Add filters,” picking a metal level (bronze, silver, gold or platinum), then checking “with easy pricing.”

Easy pricing plans may be labeled and displayed differently depending on the state and many state-based Marketplaces do not offer easy pricing plans. If they are available in your state, you can find them by visiting or the website for your state-based Marketplace.

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