My doctor says I need a prescription drug, but it’s not in my health plan’s formulary. I didn’t realize that when I enrolled in the plan. Shouldn’t my plan be required to cover a drug that my doctor says I need?

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All non-grandfathered plans sold to individuals and small employers must have procedures in place to allow enrollees to request and gain access to clinically appropriate drugs even if they are not on the formulary. However, that process may take time, and you may need immediate access to drugs your doctor prescribed. Therefore, Marketplace insurers are encouraged to temporarily cover non-formulary drugs (including drugs that are on the plan’s formulary but require prior authorization or step therapy) as if they were on the formulary. This policy would apply for a limited time – for example, during the first 30 days of coverage – and is not required of insurers. But hopefully it will give you enough time to request an exception to the formulary so you can get your prescription covered. Note that non-ACA plans do not have to meet the exceptions requirement.

(45 C.F.R. § 156.122; CMS, Affordable Care Act Implementation FAQs – Set 18).

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