I like my health plan just the way it is. Will it stay the same in 2022?

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It depends. Insurers are allowed to make changes to your health plan each year. For most people, their premium will change, and many will see changes to their benefits, cost-sharing, or provider networks. Your insurer should have sent you a notice explaining any significant changes to your plan premium or benefits. You should review that notice. However, even if you still want to keep your same plan, it is important that you return to the marketplace, update your account information, and select a plan to ensure you receive the correct amount of financial help, if eligible.

Note that for enrollees receiving premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions who have not contacted the marketplace to update their information for the last two years and no IRS income information is available for the previous two tax years, the marketplace will discontinue premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions unless the enrollee contacts the marketplace and receives an updated re-determination. (45 C.F.R. § 155.335; CMS, Guidance on Reenrollments and Redetermination for Exchange Coverage for 2019 and Later Years).

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