The notice from my insurer says my plan won’t be offered again. Now what do I do?

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You should return to the Marketplace to review your account information and select a new plan. In most states, if you do nothing, the Marketplace will automatically renew you into a Marketplace plan that is similar to what you had last year. However, depending on the Marketplace plans available, you could end up in a plan that is in a different metal tier or is a different plan type than your old plan (for example, an HMO instead of a PPO). Your insurer should have sent you a notice if it is enrolling you into a similar plan.

If you are eligible for financial assistance through the Marketplace, you should return to your account, review and update the information, and actively select a new plan. This will ensure that you receive an accurate amount of any premium tax credits and cost-sharing support you are entitled to and are enrolled in the best plan for your health care needs. (45 C.F.R. § 155.335).

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