I’m using a web-broker’s website to enroll into marketplace coverage, and the system is prompting me to enter my financial information, is this allowed?

Individuals with no coverage | How Premium Tax Credits And Cost-Sharing Reductions Work

Yes, under a “proxy direct enrollment” process, consumers can use an insurer’s website or web-broker’s website to apply for premium tax credits. Under this process, consumers can input their financial information to get a marketplace eligibility determination on premium tax credits. Consumers, however, must still create their own accounts to be able to use this process. You can only create a account by going to or calling the marketplace at 1-855-889-4325.

A few things to be aware of when applying through a web-broker: any notices from the marketplace, like requests for additional information or documents or other important notices relating to your coverage or financial assistance will be sent to a consumer’s account. Also, any changes to your income or household size affecting your premium tax credit must be reported to the marketplace within 30 days. There is no requirement that web-brokers inform you of these issues. You also have the option to leave the insurer’s website or web-broker’s website at any time to shop in the marketplace and get information on plans not offered on the web-broker’s site. (CMS, Proxy Direct Enrollment Pathway for 2018 Individual Market Open Enrollment Period, May 17, 2017).

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